Monday, October 4, 2010

RTÉ Ireland - I Want to Hold Your Hand.

                          "A radio documentary about gay relationships in Ireland (broadcast 1996)"


So, yeah. I neglect this blog a lot, but whatever. As anyone will tell you right now in my life, I'm currently obsessed with all things Ireland. Taking this Peoples and Cultures of Ireland  class is so relevant to my life and research right now (Ireland's Repro Rights, Magdalene laundries/asylums, study abroad, LGBTQQI in Ireland, &c).

This particular podcast addresses so many things, the silence of Irish culture, the avoidance of anything that isn't normal, or contamination. One gay man on this describes the feeling of being in a country where no one is out, but him and like 9 other people. (keep in mind, this is 1996). The woman at the beginning of this has such interesting experiences, she describes going to a lesbian bar/club/disco and feeling so out of place (I've had a similar experience). She also describes walking in Dublin with her partner and seeing friends who don't acknowledge her, friends that are now afraid of her. She reasons that they don't talk to her for fear of being labelled as gay by association.

There are many other issues and intriguing discussions on this podcast, but I really just wanted to be brief (and lazy...).
To me,
Documentary on One (RTÉ Ireland Radio) = This American Life (NPR), and maybe...
Documentary on One (RTÉ Ireland Radio) > This American Life (NPR).

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