Sunday, June 13, 2010

Picture-heavy awesomeness (i.e. the Women of Arcade Fire)

1. Sarah and Marika from Arcade Fire. Both sporting new haircuts...really its like NewHaircuts!ArcadeFire for this tour and album. Two to Three band members in fact have hipster-mullets. Regine (below) has a shorter, cuter, curlier (if possible) haircut.

2. White dress is a wedding dress concoction. Sequins on the bottom, swirly cream white mess on top. I kind of love it, despite also being repulsed by it at the same time. But, its Regine, who can and will wear puffy, rainbowed, sequined, rhinestoned, polka dotted dresses...not to mention the fingerless gloves.

What are these made of?*

3. The actual music. I avoid this, because I can't really explain why I love their music. I don't ignore that there are only three women in the band, but to me...they hold it all together. I would not be that into this band without Regine, Sarah, and Marketa. Frankly, I don't think this band would exist without Regine, it wouldn't be Arcade would be Win Butler, his brother and some other dudes. Regardless, The Suburbs looks and sounds like something amazing and...its rumored by Win Butler on NPR that Regine will have more songs.

4. Sarah is a lesbian.**

*Duct tape, magic, and Hurdy Gurdys.
**I have no proof, just my own fantasy.