Monday, March 29, 2010

Creativity Loss

Every time I get on here to write a blog I feel like I have nothing to say - but, I do. I have lots to say about everything - anything. Like how I actually enjoy analyzing poetry for my Religion & Feminism essay test or that I really like campy but witty tv shows (Buffy) /movies (But I'm a Cheerleader).

Seeing a blank screen kills my creativity. Any ideas I had walking to class - all gone. Swallowed by some unknown vacuum. Ok...that's a little dramatic. It's not really that bad, just empty. I feel like maybe I'm more creative in concept than in reality.

I've found I'm way more creative in class, on projects, essays...when I'm applying my creativity in a certain way. It's this whole purpose thing - like just writing a poem for myself vs. a poem for my poetry class. I find myself mixing self-poetry and class-poetry, so that I complete this assignment, but as well include stuff I like to write about, or imagery I'm partial to.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I love female musicians!

So, I haven't really blogged before. Unless you count Livejournal teenage sillyness, which no one will ever get a link to. I feel like my life is structed so I talk to people in real life about witty things, or important, serious life-stuff. And I do this for a reason, so as not to get too introverted as I am prone to do.

On a more fun note, internet/real life obsessions. I have them. Especially with a certain musician in one of my favorite bands (Arcade Fire). Her pic is above, Régine Chassagne. She's origially from Haiti, so she wrote this post on the Guardian about her reaction to the earthquakes there -

"Many Haitians expect to be let down. History shows they are right to feel that way. Haitians know that they have been wronged many, many times. What we are seeing on the news right now is more than a natural disaster. This earthquake has torn away the veil and revealed the crushing poverty that has been allowed by the west's centuries of disregard. That we must respond with a substantial emergency effort is beyond argument, but in the aftermath, Haiti must be rebuilt."

I also love Markéta Irglová who was the first Czech person to win an Oscar and also the youngest to win an Oscar for Music. She was in the movie Once with Glen Hansard (I wrote a review in my high school paper about it...) and she is also in a band with him called The Swell Season.

Monday, March 15, 2010

sorry...Amber for no updates ever...

I love this blog...

and this weird documentary from 1990 that I kinda love/think is ridiculous...

there is a woman named Starhawk on there who I think is badass/creepy. As you can see I'm conflicted...

my blogs title is a sylvia plath reference, btw...